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Asynchronous VR game (Headset & Desktop): Baby vs Dad in an epic battle to teach a child dinner etiquette.

It's an asynchronous style game where the "Dad" player on the keyboard battles a "baby" player in VR. Baby, try to throw as many bottles as you can before time is up! Dad, pick them up as fast as possible and wait out the clock.

Check out the trailer, and download for free! Please give your feedback if you try it out, we really appreciate it :)

**(4.15 UPDATE) Now Two Versions Exist: Local Multiplayer & Network Multiplayer. If looking to play local with a friend (on the same computer), download "DinnerEtiquettePrototype.zip". If looking to play over Network, download the version for your device, "4.15-NonVRMultiplayerScoreSync.zip" if you plan to play via Desktop keyboard, and "4.15-VRMultiplayerScoreSync.zip" if you plan to use an Oculus Rift VR headset to play. There is currently no lobby, and so you need to have a friend willing to play and who will plan to use the opposite device as you.

*Playfully inspired by the Steam game Table Manners.

Install instructions

Please download for free, and provide feedback. Much appreciated!


DinnerEtiquettePrototype.zip 90 MB
4.15-NonVRMultiplayerScoreSync.zip 88 MB
4.15-VRMultiplayerScoreSync.zip 89 MB

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